Rice bowl topped with chicken SOBORO

Servings1 serving
For one person Rice
3pcs Eggs
30g Sugar
3g Salt


  1. Marinade chiken legs in "GOHANDARE" for 25 minutes. Place an aluminium foil in the oven, cook chiken on it at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
    To get it grazed, open the oven halfway and spread the sauce with a brush time after time.
  2. Cook minced chicken and "GOHANDARE" in a pot over low heat and stir. Stir them until they become ground meat. Fry them until they get cooked through and turn white.
  3. Mix egg, sugar and salt, put them in a pot on a low heat. Stir it with a whisk for 2minutes.Then turn up the gas, fry it to get *SOBORO for 1 minites and 20 seconds.
    SOBORO: ground chicken meat stirred and heated on a pan with seasonings until it becomes almost dry.
  4. Dish up STEP1, 2, 3 on warm rice. Garnish it with red pickled ginger and leaf.