Soymilk Somen Noodles

This recipe uses soymilk, which is easy to digest, and "KOMBU TSUYU", to make a dipping sauce. This sauce brings refreshing taste on top of "umami" flavor.
Servings2 servings
Cooking Time15 mins
Calories (1 serving)423 Calories
Sodium (1 serving)3.7 g
200g (2 bundles) Somen noodles
1 piece Cucumber
optional Green onion
50ml Water
50ml Soymilk


  1. Split imitation crabmeat into strings, and julienne cucumber.
  2. Cook somen noodles in a pot filled with boiling water. Cool the noodles with running water and drain.
  3. Serve STEP2 and sprinkle finely chopped green onion, as you like. When you eat, dip into the sauce made from the mixture of water (50ml), soymilk (50ml), and "KOMBU TSUYU" (50ml).