Red-and-White “Sashimi” Rice Bowl

Simply top the steamed sushi rice with your favorite "sashimi" (raw fish) in Japanese festive colors: red and white. This is a perfect dish for celebratory events and family gatherings!
Cooking Time10 mins
Calorie (per person)513 Calories
Sodium (1 serving)3.2 g
35g (2 slices) Tuna
35g (2 slices) Bonito
15g (2 slices) Octopus
15g (2 slices) Scallop
35g (2 slices) Salmon
35g (2 slices) Sea bream
10g (approx. 1 tablespoon) Salmon roes


  1. Combine sushi vinegar and steamed rice while hot. Once cooled, fill in a rice bowl.
  2. Top the rice with “shiso” leaves (perilla), cucumber, and "sashimi" (raw fish). Place salmon roes and “wasabi” (Japanese horse radish) on top.
  3. Pour "REGULAR SOY SAUCE" directly on "sashimi" as you need.