Japanese Style Shrimp and Mushroom "Ajillo"

Add "LESS SALT SOY SAUCE" right before you serve to bring out the aroma.
Servings2 servings
Cooking Time15 mins
Calories (1 serving)669 Calories
Sodium (1 serving)2.7 g


  1. Remove the skin and veins to clean the shrimps, and drain. Cut mushrooms into easy-to-eat size. Slice asparagus diagonally. Refresh “shiso” leaves (perilla) in water and drain.
  2. Put olive oil, garlic, and anchovy paste in a small saucepan and warm over low heat. Once simmers, cook the shrimps, mushrooms, and asparagus cleaned and cut in STEP1.
  3. Season with "LESS SALT SOY SAUCE", and top with “shiso” leaves.
  4. Toast some slices of baguette as a side.